Shaman King (1 – 32 END)

komik indo - shaman king

Judul: Shaman King
Seri: 1 – 32 END
Tahun: 2002
Pengarang: Hiroyuki Takei
Penerbit: m&c
Kategori: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural

In a world of spirits, there are shamans. Shamans who connect people with the world of spirits. They help guide people and seeks advice. Manta Oyamada is one of those people can see see spirits. One night, he meets Yoh Asakura, a lazy-lacking shaman. They gradually become best friends and Manta finds out about Yoh’s past and why he’s in Tokyo. As Yoh and his spirit partner Amidamaru confront spirits, they also meet many enemies like Ren. As he meets those enemies, Yoh tries to achieve his goal of becoming the Shaman King.
(credit: animenewsnetwork)

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