Ku tunggu Jandamu [Movie Trailer 2008] – Indo

Title: Ku tunggu Jandamu
Release Date: 16 October 2008
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Dewi Perssik, Andi Soraya, Chintyara Alona, Yana Zein, Fara Diana, Eddi Brokoli, Fara Diana
Producer: Ody M. Hidayat
Director/Sutradara: Findo Purwono Hw
Production: Maxima Pictures
Writer: Alim Sudio

Plot / Sypnosis:
The story begins with the election of the miss widow of the year. Then Persik (Dewi Perssik) told about her pass during the divorce by her husband Rozak. Until finally she was selected miss widow of the year. Persik win the divorce against her husband. Rozak wanted to return to Persik. Rozak do not want to let go of Persik just like that. Rozak try so many different ways to make Persik suffer and return to him. But Persik is very happy that she is now a widow.
The whole city get to know about Persik’s divorce. And it becomes gossip among unfaithful husband. Without exception the husband living in the same apartment with Persik.
Persik finally moved out from her apartment to stay with her sister Cherry (Andi Soraya) in the housing complex 69 Regency.
The complex which was previously quite but now become hot with Persik presence. What Persik need to do to make the complex quiet again, or whether Perssik have to leave the complex? Find the answer in “Kutunggu Jandamu”.

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