The Real Pocong [Movie Trailer 2009] – Indo

Title: The Real Pocong
Release Date: 5 March 2009
Genre: Horror
Starring: Nabila Syakieb, Ashraf Sinclair, Sakinah Dava Erawan, Kinaryosih, Agastya Kandau
Producer: –
Director/Sutradara: Hanny R. Saputra
Production: Sinemart
Writer: Armantono

Plot / Sypnosis:
Ivan (Ashraf Siclair) and Rini (Nabila Syakieb) had a pretty child, Laura. Finally they had their own house, after renting for so long. However since the first time setting foot in the house, Laura always felt frightened and unease. Rini suspected Laura of not liking the house, but Ivan felt Laura needed time to adjust.
Laura found a mysterious cat, the arrival of that cat could make Laura felt comfortable and forget the horror. As she asleep, she heard the normal sleep song being by Rini. Laura ascertained this song the next morning to Rini, but Rini denied it. Rini began to believe that something is wrong with her child. Ivan then finally had said that he knew something terrible happened to the previous owner of the house. Since then the house always empty.
Then, Laura was gone. Rini regarded Laura’s loss because of devil, but Ivan considered Laura was kidnapped. Ivan went to police station. When Ivan went, Rini called paranormal to find Laura. But Paranormal could not oppose the invisible strength in that house.

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