Setan Budeg [Movie Trailer 2009] – Indo

Title: Setan Budeg
Release Date: 8 January 2009
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Starring: Dewi Perssik, Saipul Jamil, Uli Auliani, Kiwil, Edi Brokoli, Hardi Fadhillah
Producer: Ody M. Hidayat
Director/Sutradara: Findo Purwono Hw
Production: Maxima Pictures
Writer: Alim Sudio

Plot / Sypnosis:
Three body hunters have been assigned with the job of finding unidentified corpses scattered around Jakarta. One day, they are surprised when a female corpse that was hit by a train went missing from an ambulance. Joko (Kiwil), the head of the group gives an ultimatum that they must find the body and return it to the mortuary. The female corpse was a deaf girl named Lala, the twin sister of Anita (Dewi Perssik). While the body hunters are looking for Lala’s body, they are unaware that a revengeful spirit is following them.

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